MDL Series - 5 axis machining center

The MDL series is an advanced high-speed CNC 5-axis machining center which ensures maximum productivity in machining of style models and prototypes, as well as in finishing of large-sized moulds and aeronautical parts made of aluminium alloy and composite materials. Using 5-axis heads equipped with (optional) torque motors, optical lines with 0.005 resolution on linear axes and high rigidity frames enhance the machining accuracy and finishing quality features. A wide range of models and cutting heads enable us to meet any kind of dimensional and technological needs.

Technical specifications

X from 4 m to 30 m
Y from 2,6 m to 7,5 m
Z from 1,5 m to 4,5 m
Spindle : from 20 to 40 kW @ 18,20 or 30.000 rpm
CNC : Siemens 840D, Heidenhain iTNC530
Precisions : < 0,02 mm/m for all the linear axis
Measurement system : Heidenhain linear scales, 5 micron resolution


Mould milling
Aluminum mould milling
Aeronautical detail trimming
Aluminum mould milling
Milling of Formula 1 body in carbon fibre 
Milling of an aeronautical detail in carbon fibre