FLA Series - 5 axis machining center

The FLA series belongs to a new generation of CNC machining centers which combines the productivity of a milling machine with the high speed and potential of a moving bridge machining center. It is characterized by high dynamics with all axes; it also features customizable revolver or tool changer heads to ensure maximum productivity for sector-specific needs. All this comes at a competitive price/performance. 80 m/min rapid speed along with up to 0,8 g of X -Y -Z axis acceleration represent the necessary requirements for trimming plastics, composite (such as carbon fiber, fiberglass and kevlar) and wooden materials, as well as for machining light alloys. The modular-designed extensible magazine is usually equipped with 8 stations for HSK 63F and HSK 63A tool holders and can be widely customized. Among the various optionals, automated loading/unloading systems (rotary tables and parallel shuttles) enable a quick machining center setup. Belotti's FLA is the ideal partner for the milling of resin/aluminium models and moulds and for high quality trimming of composite and plastic materials.

Technical specifications

X 2,6 m / 4 m / 5,5 m / 6,5 m
Y 2,6 m / 3,2 m
Z 0,9 m / 1,3 m / 2 m
Spindle : up to 15 kW and 20,24 or 36.000 rpm
CNC : Siemens 840D, Heidenhain iTNC530, Fanuc 31iB5, Osai 10/510
Precisions : 0,05 mm/m for all linear axis
Automatic tool change : from 8 to 48 positions


Automotive - a detail in carbon fibre
Aeronautic - a detail in aluminum
Automotive - Ducati bike's tail
Automotive - a detail in thermoplastic