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The electrospindles repair and maintenance service at the Belotti Nordest in Fontanafredda (PN) Italy has been in operation for several years.

In recent times, this sector has been further expanded, guaranteeing even more targeted and specialized assistance and, thanks to the supplied warehouse, the possibility of having the service in a short time.

Does your electrospindle not work properly?

Does it make a suspicious noise?

Contact us to send us for inspection. We can refurbish it and, if it is too ruined, we can advise and assist you in purchasing a new product suitable for your needs.

In addition to the electrospindles, we are also equipped for the repair of vacuum pumps and waterjet high-pressure pumps.

Do not hesitate to contact us for each of your requests.

We will be happy to satisfy you with our team of specialized technicians.

Contact us for more information.